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Binary Options Trading Strategy

Let’s first start with some binary trading background. Unlike stock options, a binary option has a “pre-defined” payout. So it’s either going that or nothing at all. That’s why they are called binary digital or all-or-nothing options. Mostly the underlying are FX rates. In essence it’s a short-term bet placed on market movements. A word of warning here, there is a lot of scam out there that field. Take a good look at where you’re trading and have some background checks on the broker to. Before you get started, read the full Wikipedia article on that topic. It’s going give you some great insights. In contrast to what you’ll find in the internet noise, there are regulated binary option exchanges and there are also legit brokers out there! So, not all is scam! But they are also no “rich in a second” thing…

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There are tons of potential binary option trading strategies you can apply. All of them – at least the ones you can take seriously – are data based. In essence that means your watching the market, do your analysis, and decide on that. Gathering information is key to any type of binary trading strategy. And it’s not only taking a look at charts or market movements. Knowing the bigger picture is a must if you want to be serious about that. So you’ll need to have a close look at geo political influences, big companies, central bank decision etc. That’s all valuable information. But at the end it will come down to a decision algorithm your forming for yourself taking as many variables as you like into consideration. Your very own trading strategy will largely depend on your preferences like how much risk you want to take, what underlying you prefer etc. So – and that’s a pretty important thing – you need to be able to develop your very own personal binary trading strategies!


Binary Options Trading Signals

That’s the point where binary trading signals come into play. A trading signal is nothing else than the conclusion out of several underlying variables. Ok, a simple example; you decide to take 5-10 different variables into consideration. Without getting to techy here, it’s a simply if/then algorithm based on those 5-10 variables. If some or all of them behave in a particular way, it will tell you something about the market movement and the underlying opportunity. That “it tells you” is the signal. So if the variables tell you the market goes into the direction you want to, it will signal you to buy. This example and explanation is way over simplified! But it’s sole purpose is to visualize the idea of such a signal. It’s not a complicated thing at the end as the signal points out in which direction the market is moving and gives you an indication what you should do! But the decision and action should than be taken by you. Ok to be fair, most trading today (about 99%) is done in exact that way but without any kind of human intervention. All banks have trading algos and trading bots in place which do the absolute majority of trading today.

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Binary Trading Bots and Apps

Those bank trading bots are usually not available to the public as they are expensive, complicated and a well kept secret of the banking industry. In the field of the binary trading that’s called automated binary trading or automated binary option trading. Given that there are some similar tools available to the public which aim offer those type of signals, you could automate your trading activities. That does not mean you should! At least to start out, you have to – from my point of view – know to a certain extend what you are doing. Therefore, I would NOT recommend to automate any kind of trading in the first place NOR to just use an automated trading signals service at all.

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Auto Binary Signals

Most binary traders use a system to support their decision making process. It makes your life a lot easier. Again, I wouldn’t recommend to base your trading decision purely on a software of bot. But you can use them as an indication to confirm your own decision. Never the less, you can’t base your buy decisions purely on those binary option systems.

Such a binary software analyzes the market, gathers information (variables) and gives you a hint in what direction the trend might go. But besides that pure technical approach, it’s far more important to be able to confirm those hints AND to have your very own trading strategy! You can’t just copy someone and do what everyone else is doing. That’s simply not going to work as it’s not possible that everyone makes a profit. For every profit made, someone else makes a loss. So if all take the same road with the same strategy, no one is holding against it and no one would make any profit at all. That’s why those simple automated solutions available to the public can only be considered a decision support. The bots used by the banks are worth millions of dollars. You can’t get that for a tiny fraction of it, no matter what someone tries to sell you! So please be very be careful while you read some auto binary signals reviews telling you “just follow along and you’ll be rich”. That isn’t going to happen if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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Binary Option Trading System

What’s the solution then? If you really want to get into binary trading, you need to dedicate a decent amount of time to learn it. You don’t need to be a banker nor have any kind of in-depth financial knowledge to be able to learn. But you you’ll need to like numbers or at least lean-to like them. In binary trading it’s all about charts and data. Most of the time you study a short term facts to come to a conclusion, make a decision and take action. That’s how this business works. Watch, learn, understand and begin to apply immediately with very small amounts (start with tiny 5 or 10 dollar trades to get off the ground). So the solution is to find an a mentor who teaches you all of that. You can know go to google and search for a training program or a mentor. You’ll find some for sure. But again, training programs are not interactive and it’s just one-way communication and 1:1 mentors ask for a lot of money before they even get started. Both not really suited for beginners nor it will help you to get started. The way I learned it is by participating in a live trading room.


Live Binary Option Practice

Ok, what’s the ideal setup? That would be, seeing a pro trader doing what he does day in day out, have him comment on it and be able to interact directly with the him or her. Instead of getting some teaching session, getting a live trading session, being able to do the same trades and get insights about what’s on the traders’ mind and why he/she is doing what. That’s actually the next level after a simple theoretical coaching. We all know the great stuff we get from coaching but it’s a lot harder to apply the theory in the real world afterwards. And being successful in day trading is not about learning theory it’s about gathering experience. I started out by participating and such a live trading room. Put in simple words, you sit in front of your computer screen watching some experience traders. You’ll see their charts, the trades they execute and hear what they say. It’s nothing else than live and real-time education to enable to less experience traders to learn from the pros.  You’re actually sitting in the same room, see them, hear than and will be able to talk to them. Usually there is an a master trader who is responsible to answer your questions and make sure no one is left behind (as all of this can be really overwhelming at the beginning).


Binary Options Trading Signals Trading Room

I learned it all by participating in this trading room here. And yes, the front-page of their trading room tries to scare you away… at least that’s how I felt when I first saw it. I really can’t understand why they have this rather low quality entry page for such a brilliant thing. But never the less, I knew I had to start somewhere and all of those “just do that and you will…” stuff I found was simply not enough for me. I always knew I’m not going to rely on any kind of software for my financial freedom, I want to know what I’m doing and be in the driver seat! And that’s exactly what you get there. They don’t BS you will with the “made 1 mio dollar in 5 minutes” you’ll find everywhere else. They don’t even promise you that you’ll make any profit at all. They give us a platform, pro traders and some really experienced members who show everyone willing to learn how this business works. And on that promise they really delivery!

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What you’ll get

That’s a fast one. You will be able to see the screen of the traders, their actions (trade executions), listen to them, ask your questions, interact and get help. All of that will build up some serious experience and knowledge. They teach you in real-time. That sounds simply, but it’s actually the most valuable thing you can get. To figure out of that’s the right thing for you, you can register for free (no CC or other payment info needed for that one) to take part in single live trading session. They hold them every Monday from 9:00 AM EST (New York, USA time) for about 2 hours. You’ll get access to their trial room. That one is a bit different (quality wise) then the real members trading room. But that’s only to protect the current members from any potential spammers out there. Never the less, it’s the real thing. You’ll get a perfect feeling for being part of such a trading room. The real members trading room is in full HD!


How much will it cost me?

Well here it gets tricky. Not because of what the trading room asks from you. No, that’s the simplest thing. BUT trading is based on buying and selling. To buy something you’ll need some start capital/first funds. That’s the first part of your costs. You can start with 50 or 100 bucks and just execute tiny trades. That’s actually what I would recommend to do first. One thing is for sure, you’ll have a learning curve. You will lose some of your money. You might be very lucky and your losses will be minimal. But – and that happens more often than not – you’ll lose a decent amount of your start capital at the beginning. That’s why start small is the only reasonable advice here. Start with a small budget, cash in only small returns but have your risks under perfect and tight control like that.

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When you get better, you see trends, you see patterns, you are more confident, invest more and cash in more. Another cost to consider is internet speed. Most binary options trading strategies and systems rely on short-term trades. And short-term means sometimes 30 or even 15 seconds. So, if you’re going for that, you’ll need a high-speed internet connection! That won’t cost you a fortune but it also wont come for free. The only two things left in terms of costs are your time and the cost for the trading room. You’re the only one who can tell the cost of your very own time. The trading room ask for $97 biweekly. That seems to be a lot on first sight, but it’s not compared to what value you’re getting for it. A 1:1 session with a expert can be billed with up to $500 bucks an hour. What you get here are ten hours of trading training and coaching per week for under 50 bucks a week. That’s less than 5 bucks per hour. And you’re not getting one expert, you’re getting multiple experts at your fingertips together with all the tools you need to get started! It’s actually a steal!

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That’s were everyone wants to trade, right?


Binary Trading Demo

I recommend you to take a look at the great user feedback they have (on facebook to), sing up for that two-hour binary trading demo held every Monday by those guys and gather as much insight as you can. If you’re not convinced simply move on. If you’re mot sure what to do, sing up, pay for the first 2 weeks and if you’re not happy you can cancel your subscription any time. But whatever you do, stay away from any kind of binary option auto trading solution/software/service. Remember the big players invested millions of dollars in their bots and you’re not going to get that for a few bucks…

Sign up for the live demo here

I hope I was able to give you some insight and guidelines. I will write more about strategies and how to develop your own in the upcoming weeks.